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Photoluminescent marble

Photoluminescent marble
Model No: LB-0601
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The Glow-in-dark Man-made Marble is our new glowing product which we have developed presently. It was made by our advanced luminescent technology, which added the photo-luminescent materials in the normal man-made marble, so that the marble can absorb and store light in the place of light source, and then available glow in the dark.
Due to the photo-luminescent materials can be made in all kinds of different colors and sizes, the glow in dark man-made marble looks so beautiful and luxury in daytime, also it can show various attractive lights in the dark.
Not only it can get your eyes, but also it can provide safety to people, because when the power is cut suddenly, the place where uses this kind of marble will be luminous so that it can give a direction of escape for people. At this point, it will be chosen in hotel, office building, common place, personal house, recreation ground and so on.
In some high-grade hotel or office building, we always see some low-end luminescent safe sign which are not suitable for circumstance all round, it is so regret. In order to solve this question, we have designed and made one kind of glowing mopboard, which was made in the glow-in-dark man-made marble. If you use this kind of glowing mopboard, it can supply its safe direction; also it cant affect the whole feeling of high-grade places.
> Chief component
1-The natural marble material: 94-96%
2- Poly-Resin: 3-5%
3- Photo-luminescent material:1%
> Characteristic details
1- Intensity of pressure resist: 6500-13,000 PSI
2- Intensity of break resist: 1,150- 2,300 PSI
3- Density: 2.40 g / cm³
4- Polishing: 85
6- Starting brightness: 2,500-15,000mcd/m²
7- The time of after glowing: 8-12 hours
> Colour of appearance and after glow
1- Colour of appearance: cream, yellow, white, cream-white, blue, green, red and grey etc.
2- Colour of after glow: yellow-green, green, pink, yellow, blue and purple.
> Size
1- Original size: 30001200 (12-20) mm
2- Standard size: 600600 (12-20) mm
3- Other size: 300300mm, 300600mm, 400400mm, 400600mm, 600600mm, 800800mm,
4-Standard thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
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