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Glow Embroidery Yarn Glow Embroidery Yarn

Glow Embroidery Yarn
Model No: LB-1001
Wholesale Price:Euro €  (Base on MOQ ) 
Large Quantity£ºNegotiable  
Glow in the Dark yarn. Choose from PP strong wire and polypropylene low-stretch yarn
Specification of luminescent PP strong fiber:
150 D/2£¬300D.300D/120F ,600D,900D Color can be with red, yellow, blue, green ,orange,white.

1. The intensity of PP strong fiber is the same of terylene fiber and polyamide fiber. The tensile strength is two times of normal pp fiber, and keep the same property in dry and wet.
2. Low density, low hygroscopic
The density of PP fiber is the lowest of synthetic fiber. It is 60% of terylene, 80% of polyamide fiber.
3. Good wearability
The wearability of PP is the same in dry and wet. It is similar to terylene.
4. Good stability in chemial
It hasn¡¯t activity group in its molecule, so it has good stability in acid, alkali and anther chemails. It is better than terylene fiber and polyamide fiber, can be used in many chemical field.
5. Anti-microbe
PP strong luminescent fiber can¡¯t be eat into by insect and microbe, it is anti-mildew.
6. Low heat stability
Strength will fall down obviously when the temperature is over 120 Degree.
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