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Luminous garden and road lamp Luminous garden and road lamp Luminous garden and road lamp

Luminous garden and road lamp
Model No: LB-0901
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L&B Luminescent road lamp is one of the product series, which Produced by ourselves.Products include two kinds of series: luminescent garden lamp series and luminescent road lamp series made by steel complex glass, This products with non-toxic, non-radioactive, high luminescent intensity, environmental friendly, For the luminescent lamp made by steel complex glass have following properties:
      Abrasive resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, Abrasive resistance can arrive 25 tons, the products are widely used in the glass and aisles In all kinds of parks, gardens, and landscapes etc. when people see them in the Night , they will fell more calm and more happy. luminescent road lamp made by Steel complex glass assembly on the two sides of roads, because its high luminescent. Intensity function, so in the night, they have excellent pointing effect, and will Make the cars running in the night more safety.

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