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Glow embroidery thread

Glow embroidery thread
Model No: LB-1002
Wholesale Price:Euro €  (Base on MOQ ) 
Large Quantity£ºNegotiable  

L&B Glow in the dark embroidery thread is research and produce by our company. This products available glow in the dark more than 12hours after absorb the visible light for 10-30min. and can be glowing circularly.

As this is a very new Product, now is the time, to let your creativity run wild, and create your fashion master pieces.

The glow pigments are are in the fibre, and not on the fibre surface, making them suitable to washing, and rinsing.

The color available with < green,white,pink,blue,yellow,sky-blue>

Length is either 3,000 or 5,000M

Blue Glow in the Dark embroidery threadGreen Glow in the Dark embroidery threadGlow in the Dark embroidery thread imageGlow in the Dark embroidery thread imageYellow Glow in the Dark embroidery thread

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