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Photoluminescent pigment (LBG,LBB,LBSB,LBP,LBW,WLB Series)

Photoluminescent pigment (LBG,LBB,LBSB,LBP,LBW,WLB Series)
Model No: LB-0101
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L&B Photoluminesecent Pigment

L&B Photoluminesecent pigment is produced mailnly from the rare earth elements through a special technology,it can absorb and store the energy of various ultraviolet , visible lights and emit the light in the dark. The light absorption and release processes are automatically, repeated.
Characteristic: free of toxic, hurtless,.non-radioactive etc.
Application: These pigment is mainly applicable as an additive in the paints, coating, ink, plastics, ceramic, glass, fibre and other transparent medium to realize it self-luminescent function.
Package, transportation, storage
  • Package: water - resistant plastic bag used for inside packing material,.plastic pail or iron drug used for outer packing; Transportation: Avoid mechanical hitting, insolation or rain drenching, keep the package in good condition.
  • Storage: keep goods in breezy and dry warehouse, free from humidity.
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