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Vinyl PET film,Vinyl ACRYLIC film,Vinyl PVC film

Vinyl PET film,Vinyl ACRYLIC film,Vinyl PVC film
Model No: LB-0201
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L&B Photoluminesecent Film

L&B luminescent film is researched and produced by ourselves.Which have excellent effects of storing any visible light and glow in the dark 12hous at least after absorbing visible light for 10 to 30 minutes, And it can be repeated any times for storing and glowing process. have good performance of enduring weather with non-toxic and harmless and no any radioactivity.
Such as it can be cut into many kinds of shapes or signs and put onto the place where need.
For example,it is used in furniture decoration or put onto the surface of switch,
telephone,handle,stationery,sport article or indication in the public area.

1. High fire retardedness by use of illuminating film made by Vinyl .
2. High capacity of saline resistant and detergent resistant
3. High capacity in cold or heat resistance
4. High mechanical functions for illuminating films
5. Strong sticking ability for illuminating films.

Usage Procedure:

1. Preferably to be applied for construction on smooth surface with the temperature of 10~35degree.
2. Cut the film into different sizes and can be directly pasted to switch for decoration use.
3. Figure/ character printed on the surface.
4. Clean the surface clean before pasting. No grease mark or dust allowed on the surface.
5. The film is expandable. Be careful not to dispose it at will and recommended to keep it pressed.
6. Remove the paper from back and press neatly on the surface.

Packing and Storage
1. Packing; Curly or slice shape for handi-wrap.
2. Storage: Keep in warehouse where is ventilated, dry and cool.
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